Pre-conference on 7th March 2018

Helga Engs hus: Seminarrom 234, University of Oslo

Schools, families and communities are important and valuable learning settings and resources that need to collaborate in effective ways in order to provide the children with the best opportunities for their learning and development. The one-day pre-conference aims to discuss and develop theoretical, empirical and methodological approaches within this research field. It will begin with a lecture given by prof. Li, and is followed by workshops.

10.00-10.15 Introduction of the day

10.15-11.15 Keynote Prof. Li, Jiacheng (East China Normal University in Shanghai) “School, family and community cooperation in China — research orientations and methodological thinking”.

11.15-12.00 Questions and discussion in connection to Prof. Li’s lecture

12.00-13.30 Lunch (on own costs)

13.30-14.30 Workshop I “Research orientations and methodological approaches within the research field of families, institutions, and communities in educational context – a Nordic perspective” (Presenters: Unn-Doris K. Bæck, Amalía Björnsdóttir, Kristín Jónsdóttir, Limin Gu)

14.30-15.00 Coffee

15.00-16.00 Workshop II “Possible collaborations and joint projects” (all participants)

18.30 Dinner (on own costs)

The pre-conference will be open for all members of our network including doctoral students, and others who are interested. For questions regarding the pre-conference please contact Limin Gu:



Network 18 — Call for abstract to NERA 2018 is open

Families, Institutions and Communities in Educational Context is a network for educational research into relationship among families, schools and communities across the Nordic countries. A great number of research fellows and doctor students from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden are active members. The network is affiliated to the network NORNAPE (Nordic Research Network about Parents in Education), which is also associated with the European Research Network about Parents in Education (ERNAPE). The network will be relevant to anyone who is doing research in the areas of education, educational administration, educational psychology, educational sociology and other related disciplines. It will also be of interest to parents, teachers and their organizations.

The network serves as a meeting place where researchers and doctoral students have the opportunities to share and exchange their research ideas, to discuss common issues concerning networks activities and development, as well as to carry out research collaboration. During the NERA congresses the network has own sessions for symposium and presentations of papers or posters.

Convener: Limin Gu, Department of Education, Umeå University, Sweden